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When we determine weights for our products, we weigh several size medium products and generate an average weight which is what we list for each product. Any variations from there are based on statistical anomaly, environmental factors, and acceptable variation given the number of components in any one product.

No, but we ensure seams are tight so you can launder to re-fluff the remaining down.

LZ (left zip) is located on the user’s left side while in bag. RZ (right zip) is located on the user’s right side while in bag. CZ (center zip) is located on the center of the bag. DZ (dual zipper) is located on both sides.

A right zip can zip into a left-zip sleeping bag. If you are trying to zip a non-Marmot bag into a Marmot bag, it must be a YKK#5 zipper.

We recommend using a washing machine without an agitator. Wash with low heat on delicate cycle with a detergent that is free and clear of dyes and perfumes, or a sleeping bag-specific wash. Dry on low heat with a few tennis balls to evenly distribute the insulation. More than one drying cycle may be needed if there is any clumping left.