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How It Works

Marmot Rewards is our free-to-join rewards program that lets you earn points on your purchases and activities for free Marmot Money. You get exciting perks like early access to select sales, free shipping on orders $49+. We’ll even give you a gift for your birthday!

You can find the full terms and conditions here.


Registering is quick and easy. Just visit our "Sign Up" page to get started!


If you already have a Marmot.com account, then you can sign up for Marmot Rewards by logging in to your account page, clicking the Mountain Club Rewards icon at the top right, then reviewing and opting in to the Marmot Rewards terms & conditions. It’s easy!

There are lots of perks to becoming a member—and remember, it's free!

• Earn Points Towards Marmot Money • Free Shipping on orders $49+

• Birthday Gift

• Early Access and Exclusive Offers

Plus more great surprises!