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Men's Rain Jackets

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Men's PreCip® Eco Pro Jacket

Men's PreCip® Eco Pro Jacket

Men's PreCip® Eco Pro Jacket


Rain clouds have a tendency to move in when you least expect them—which is why it pays to be prepared. From packable rain jackets for fast and light climbs to GORE-TEX® rain jackets for insane bouts of wet weather, Marmot offers an epic selection of rain gear for men. Master the art of staying dry and stylish with our guide on choosing the perfect men's rainwear jackets and vests.


If you've layered up in some of our men's best sellers or a down jacket, you can rely on the protection of these weatherproof jackets to keep them dry:



Men's Rain Jacket


Embrace the rain with confidence by investing in a top-notch rain jacket. Versatile and functional, this type of rainwear is designed to keep you dry without compromising on style. Whether you're navigating the city streets or conquering rugged terrains, a Durable Water Repellent (DWR) jacket or fully waterproof rain jacket is your full-coverage companion.


Softshell jackets


If you value comfort and convenience, a lightweight rain jacket is a game-changer. Softshells are known for their optimal blend of stretch, durability, and breathability making them both easy to carry and easy to stow away when the sun comes out. Whether you're hiking, camping, or traveling, these wind-resistant, DWR jackets ensure you're prepared for any curveball forecasts throw your way.


Hardshell Jackets


When scouting for the ideal raincoat, prioritize waterproof technology. Look for materials like GORE-TEX, which provide a reliable shield against rain showers and whily winds while allowing breathability. Bringing along a GORE-TEX jacket ensures you stay comfortably dry during your extended stay outdoors.


Outdoor Jackets by Season


Spring is all about renewal, and your wardrobe should reflect that. Opt for men's spring jackets that combine style and functionality. Look for versatile designs that transition seamlessly from casual city outings to nature excursions. Remember outdoor jackets with waterproof or rain-resistant features keep you covered during sudden weather shifts. Pair them with waterproof pants like our hiking pants or snowboarding and ski pants collections for head to toe coverage.


So next time you're paddling against choppy currents or getting storm alerts the day you're heading out for a weekend in the wild, don't think twice. There's no such thing as bad weather with our men's waterproof jackets and men's raincoats.