Women's Rain Jackets

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Women's PreCip® Eco Pro Jacket

Women's PreCip® Eco Pro Jacket

Women's PreCip® Eco Pro Jacket


Golden Sun

From packable rain jackets for blustery climbs to GORE-TEX® rain jackets for treks during monsoon season, Marmot offers a wide selection of women's rain jackets and rain gear to keep you prepped for any wet weather that might come your way.

Are you looking for a women's jacket built for rain protection, warmth, or a combination of both? Do you need a lightweight option for hiking, or a more robust jacket for extreme weather conditions? We'll help identify your needs to help you narrow down your choices:


Women's Rain Jacket


Keep dry in wet conditions with the protection of a rain jacket. Rain jackets for women are usually lightweight with waterproof features to repel rainwater. Check for women's rain coats with extra like adjustable hoods, zippered pockets, ventilation zips, and adjustable cuffs. These details can enhance your overall experience and functionality.

Softshell Jackets

Power-up your next adventure with the breathability and water-resistance of a softshell jacket. Ideal for activities that require freedom of movement and moderate weather protection, pick a lightweight rain jacket to counter fall or spring rain spells. If you're a hiker or backpacker, consider the weight and packability of the jacket with the rest of your hiking and camping gear. The best lightweight jackets for women can be compressed into a small space are convenient for on-the-go activities.

Hardshell Jackets

If you're venturing into harsher climates, a hardshell jacket offers maximum protection against wind, rain, and snow. These durable jackets often feature tough, waterproof fabrics that shield you from the elements. Look for technologies like GORE-TEX—GORE-TEX jackets have waterproofing that maintains breathability and prevents you from feeling clammy. For more ferocious forecasts, ensure your hardshell is seam-sealed.

Whether you're seeking a lightweight rain jacket, more insulation, or a versatile hardshell, there's a women's rain jacket designed to meet your needs. By understanding the different types of jackets available and evaluating features, you'll be well-equipped to choose the ideal jacket for your next adventure. Plus, for extra protection from the elements, you can layer one of our winter coats, long-sleeve shirts, or sweatshirts and sweaters underneath.

Because no matter where you're going or what the forecast says, our raincoats for women stand up to drizzles and downpours.