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When we determine weights for our products, we weigh several size medium products and generate an average weight which is what we list for each product. Any variations from there are based on statistical anomaly, environmental factors, and acceptable variation given the number of components in any one product.

No, but we ensure seams are tight so you can launder to re-fluff the remaining down.

Over time our zipper manufacturer has redesigned their process and the older season zippers don't fit the newer season product. If you are planning on buying a liner at your local retailer, be sure to take your jacket along to make sure the zipper sliders work together.

To roll your hood into a collar, take the visor portion of the hood and fold it under itself, forming a collar (this takes a little patience to get a flat even roll).

Please Note: The PreCip jacket does not have a tab in the neck. The tab is under the visor. All you do is take the tab from the back of the hood, fold the visor back, insert the tab and pull back on itself to velcro close—the hood volume can be reduced, but not rolled up like our other jackets.
We are not able to provide temperature rating on our Jackets as each person’s body runs at a different temperature.
We recommend using a washing machine without an agitator. Wash with low heat on delicate cycle with a detergent that is free and clear of dyes and perfumes, or use a down-specific wash. Dry on low heat, with a few tennis balls to evenly distribute the insulation.
Ensure both sliders are on the bottom of the zipper track. Slide the loose/free end of the zipper into both sliders until you feel it click into place. There may also be an audible sound letting you know you've gotten it far enough. Now you can pull the top slider and zip up your item—this is for both sleeping bags and parkas!
You may have a garage pocket! The garage pocket is located on the collar of your jacket, just to the left and right of the zipper. Inside the pocket you will feel two pieces of hook (rough) velcro. You can simply fit the tab of your jacket's hood that has pieces of loop (soft) velcro into the pocket, give it a pat or two to make sure the pieces connect together, and you're good to go!

Unfortunately, we do not offer replacement liners for our component jackets.

Please click here for laundering instructions.